Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 11 - Ghetto Snowflake and Magill Estate with Korean BBQ

I came home from work and couldn't help but giggle when I found Ghetto Snowflake chilling in her hood amongst plastic bags and paper scraps.
Ghetto kitty

Ghetto Snowflake's hood wasn't too shabby though, as she still got delivered the latest edition of National Geographic!
National Geographic kitty

Later in the evening, I joined my brothers and close friends for some Korean BBQ goodness. The simple joy you derive from having delicate, thinly sliced aromatic pieces of meat charcoal-grilled right in front of you when it's 15 degrees at night is indescribable.

We gorged ourselves silly on fine wine such as a Magill Estate Shiraz 2003 Magnum, and a Head 'The Blonde' Stonewell Shiraz Viognier 2010...
Wines for the evening

... and happily clogged our arteries with plenty of tasty, fatty pork.. mmmmmmmmmm that's the stuff!
Korean BBQ


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