Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 61 - Rilakkuma umbrella, Melissa + Jason Wu Ultragirl flats and another birthday dinner

3 is a lucky number:

  1. It was bucketing down with rain this morning as I was about to leave home for work, and it was then I realised I had left 3 of my umbrellas at the office. D'oh! But then I remembered I had another umbrella tucked away (for a rainy day)... my cute pink rilakkuma umbrella from Stan:
  2. Cute pink rilakkuma umbrella
    So cute! I was smiling all the way to work while holding its little head upside down in my hand heeheehee

  3. A gorgeous pair of Melissa + Jason Wu Ultragirl Lace flats. They are the answer to the wet shoes/feet ordeal I have been going through every morning this week from the rain. Love the intricate lace detailing, the owl motif, and of course the trademark bubblegum scent of Melissa shoes.  
  4. Melissa x Jason Wu lace Ultragirl flats

  5. I love how I'm still having birthday dinners long after my birthday! Tonight it was with Michael at Mezzo. Pork belly and soufflé make me a happy little kitten.  


  1. That's one sad looking face on your rilakkuma umbrella! lol

  2. HEY where to get that rilakkuma umbrealla?

    1. My friend got it for me from Taiwan. I've only ever seen it in Japan!


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