Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 182 - Sunny winter day with Tayfarers, brunch at Breakfast Thieves and Hairspray

On this unexpectedly sunny winter day, I...

...giggled wildly when I saw this in an email. Tayfarers!! Hanson have a hilarious sense of humour!

...had delicious brunch at Breakfast Thieves with lovely company.

...oohed and ahhed over this cute wrapper from Amsterdam (thanks for the goodies Li Jun). Amsterdam wrapping paper

...smiled non-stop throughout Hairspray on tv. It's such a great flick, I can't imagine anyone sitting through it without a perma-smile on their faces! It also covers just about every issue under the sun - integration in the 1960's, body image, social issues, racism, low self-esteem, inter-racial relationships... and of course James Marsden's charm doesn't hurt! Minute 2:08 below ALWAYS makes me weak in the knees!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 181 - Destressing at work with Leslie and the grassy wall

The last day of the financial year is finally here. About freakin' time! It has been craaaaaazy and stress levels at work have been at an all time high.

When we need to destress at work, we play dress up with Leslie (it is strangely therapeutic)...

...and we stroke the grassy wall.

When life slips you a Jeffrey, stroke the grassy wall, stroke the grassy wall...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 180 - My first vanilla slice

Louise brought some vanilla slice into work today.

Via: Davey Says (I chomped it down so quickly that I forgot to get a photo)

Oh my gosh the puff pastry!

The icing sugar!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 179 - A nice email and receiving Tiam & Audrey's wedding invitation

  1. It's been an insanely manic week at work due to EOFY. Amongst all the chaos, madness and swearing, it was extremely nice to get this email:

  2. It kept me smiling for the rest of the day!

  3. Received the invitation to Tiam and Audrey's wedding in the mail today. 
  4. Tiam & Audrey's wedding invite
    How cute! They've chosen an "Up" themed wedding, should be fun!
    Tiam & Audrey's wedding invite

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 178 - Cat vs printer video

Started the day with a big smile, thanks to Michelle for this adorable video entitled "I can't get the friggin printer to work"!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 177 - The Bermuda Triangle is fungry

I felt like I had been neglecting the Bermuda Triangle recently, so on Saturday night I fed it:
  • 2 massive art folio carriers and drawing blocks
  • 2 (still functioning) lamps
  • 2 boxes full of folders (historically the Bermuda Triangle doesn't like the cardboardy plasticy taste of folders)
  • A badminton racquet
  • Random vacuum cleaner body parts
On Sunday morning everything was GONE! Weekend meals are always unpredictable - sometimes everything goes down a treat and every bit is gone in minutes, sometimes it throws up someone else's lunch and makes a big mess everywhere. Hmm the Bermuda Triangle sounds like a toddler..

Taking Saturday's performance as a sign of starvation, I dumped all this crap into it last night:

2 bed headboards, random sticks and cardboard and bamboo stakes, gunswords, a VCD player, another lamp, old bags, a weird homemade A4 paper holder tray thingamajig, rolls of cables and wires... I was sure it would take a while to chomp through these. They were heavy headboards, for chrissake!

But this morning:

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 176 - Pierre Hermé and Ladurée macarons, happy hair, "I am new stuff", Snowflake looking possessed and affectionate

Here's some stuff that made me smile today:
  1. Fresh Pierre Hermé and Ladurée macarons lovingly carried back from Paris. Magnifique!! 
  2. Pierre Hermé and Ladurée macarons

  3. Being pampered with a relaxing massage, facial, foot soak, hair wash and blow dry = happy hair and body.
  4. Happy hair
    Happy hair

  5. The staff's name.
  6. I am new stuff

  7. What are you doing Snowflake??!?!
  8. Dame Rubalot

  9. This cold winter has made Snowflake super affectionate. Me likey!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 175 - A day of feasting

Good food makes me so unbelievably happy. And today was a day of non-stop-good-food eating.

There were these at Duchess of Spotswood...
Crab omelette with crustacean oil
Pork hock and egg
...oh my gosh and then there was also this...
Duck egg, black truffles, purple potatoes
...oh and then this pretty sparkly little number with its ooey-gooey salted caramel center for afternoon tea...
Chocolate salted caramel cupcake
...and then there were these at Golden Fields...
Prawn dumplings at Golden Fields
Lobster roll at Golden Fields
...and some of this which was AMAZING...
Twice cooked duck at Golden Fields
...and finishing off with this prettiness.
Baked meringue, vanilla, rose and lychee at Golden Fields
I'm thankful for great chefs who do what they do so well.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 174 - 4 ways to beat the winter blues

When it's 9 degrees outside, dark and gloomy with rain and hail pouring down, here are 4 ways to beat the winter blues:
  1. Wear a kaleidoscope of colours. The more colours you wear, the more points you earn!
  2. Colour me happy

  3. Spend some time asking your pet how their day was, because chances are they've been sitting around all day wondering what you're doing and what time you're coming home. 
  4. How was your day Snowflake?

  5. Hug a cat. Preferably a big and fat one!
  6. Fat cats are more huggable
    Have you hugged your cat today?!
    Warm furry hug
    Hug a cat

  7. Put on some music and escape!
  8. In my hood

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 172 - Feeling refreshed, spooning Snowflake and Melbourne earthquake memes

  1. I woke up today feeling refreshed for the first time in possibly months! Thank you valerian root!

  2. And when I opened my eyes, I found myself spooning Snowflake with my face buried into her back..?!? How did this happen?! 

  3. I gave her a cuddle and she just continued purring blissfully. Then she turned around to face me, as if to say "okay my turn now to be the big spoon..."

  4. There was an earthquake of 5.3 magnitude yesterday evening in Victoria. I love how Australians always see the bright side of everything.

  5. Via: Music Feeds - The Best Of: Melbourne Earthquake Memes

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 171 - Japanese BBQ at Takumi, bad puns and Hanson poster

I love...

...Japanese BBQ at Takumi. Yum!

...really bad puns. They make me giggle uncontrollably. Often in public.
MooGoo Udder Cream


Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 169 - Running in the rain, another bin identity crisis and wanting a vajayjay

Today, these made me laugh:
  1. As we stepped outside after finishing lunch at Porgie + Mr Jones, it was pouring down with rain. We laughed wildly while making a mad dash to the car in the rain.

  2. I saw another bin with an identity crisis.
  3. Bin with an identify crisis

  4. At a party, my (male) friend exclaimed, "I wish I had a vagina! I'd be going 'come and get some'!" and we all burst into laughter. I cannot for the life of me recall why we were talking about vaginas. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 168 - Melbourne laneway treasures and being Asian Buffy

  1. Another reason why I love Melbourne is because of all the hidden laneway treasures she has tucked away in her folds, waiting for you to discover them. Today we sought one of them out - Dognation. It's a tiny blink-and-you'll-miss-it store along The Causeway off Bourke St selling gourmet hotdogs with ingredients inspired by the tastes of different nations.
  2. Dognation
    There was the Tokyo Dog, which was a pork and beef sausage wrapped in seaweed, topped with miso-infused mushrooms, wasabi Japanese mayo, okonomiyaki sauce and seaweed flakes. Delish!
    Tokyo Dog at Dognation
    And there was the Melbourne Dog, comprised of an Aussie beef and tomato relish sausage with tomato sauce, mustard, onion, cheese and beetroot relish.
    Melbourne Dog at Dognation
    Other dogs available currently are the London 'Bangers & Mash' Dog, the Berlin Dog and the Mexico City Chilli Dog. There are talks of a Peking Dog in the works! Ps. Order the potato mash and gravy side OHMYGOD.

    Then we stumbled across Chuckle Farm, which looks like this. What a magical little patch.
    Chuckle Farm

  3. I found out today that I look absolutely HIDEOUS as a blonde!

    For Tram's Good vs Evil themed birthday party tonight, we had been toying with many costume ideas for weeks, ranging from yin and yang, naughty schoolteacher and jaded schoolboy, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, pedophile priest and sexy nun, child and pedophile priest, Jekyll and Hyde, angel and devil, wife and wifebeater, Kim Jong Il and err innocent citizen... at the final hour, we decided on going as Buffy the vampire slayer and a vampire. Now all we had to do was find a cape, a blonde wig and a stake!
  4. Turns out blonde wigs with centre-parted straight hair weren't as easy to find as I thought (almost all wigs have fringes for some reason?!). After trawling through numerous costume and party shops, I finally found it! Upon putting it on and taking a look in the mirror, I burst into hysterics at my fugliness! Hello I'm a crossdresser who's not sure whether to be crazy Conan the Barbarian or a loony caveman!
    Blonde is not my colour
    WOW blonde is definitely not my colour. So freakin' hilarious! How can a wig make me instantly look so unattractive and repulsive?!?!
    Crazy cavewoman + conan the barbarian hag
    My new blonde locks got the chop, and I emerged as Buffy the vampire slayer...
    Asian Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    ...and Brett turned into a vampire!
    Wonder Woman
    The good
    James Bond and his deadly weapon
    Wonder Woman and Buffy
    Why so serious?
    Lots of good and evil
    May our powers combine!
    Wonder Woman on the proll
    Sadly, no, blondes don't have more fun. However it's a lot of fun when everyone around you looks just as silly as you do!
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