Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 174 - 4 ways to beat the winter blues

When it's 9 degrees outside, dark and gloomy with rain and hail pouring down, here are 4 ways to beat the winter blues:
  1. Wear a kaleidoscope of colours. The more colours you wear, the more points you earn!
  2. Colour me happy

  3. Spend some time asking your pet how their day was, because chances are they've been sitting around all day wondering what you're doing and what time you're coming home. 
  4. How was your day Snowflake?

  5. Hug a cat. Preferably a big and fat one!
  6. Fat cats are more huggable
    Have you hugged your cat today?!
    Warm furry hug
    Hug a cat

  7. Put on some music and escape!
  8. In my hood


  1. lol Snowflake had an expression on her face that said 'I did NOT sign up for this!'.

    Ahhh your red coat really does have a hood... :P


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