Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 175 - A day of feasting

Good food makes me so unbelievably happy. And today was a day of non-stop-good-food eating.

There were these at Duchess of Spotswood...
Crab omelette with crustacean oil
Pork hock and egg
...oh my gosh and then there was also this...
Duck egg, black truffles, purple potatoes
...oh and then this pretty sparkly little number with its ooey-gooey salted caramel center for afternoon tea...
Chocolate salted caramel cupcake
...and then there were these at Golden Fields...
Prawn dumplings at Golden Fields
Lobster roll at Golden Fields
...and some of this which was AMAZING...
Twice cooked duck at Golden Fields
...and finishing off with this prettiness.
Baked meringue, vanilla, rose and lychee at Golden Fields
I'm thankful for great chefs who do what they do so well.


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