Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 242 - Disturbingly funny Happy Wheels game

Pe Yang shared another one of Nothernlion's (I've previously mentioned this highly amusing, multi-tasking, self-entertaining, commentating extraordinaire here) gaming videos, with the comment "disturbingly funny game".

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 241 - Spotting a funny tshirt

I was waiting at the lights when I suddenly noticed a little print on the back of the tshirt of the guy I was standing behind. It was a drawing of a cat wearing a party hat on its head while dancing over a boom box.

Yeah I stood there like a crazy person, giggling to myself.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 240 - Adorable dejected Snowflake

Aww Snowflake, you're so adorable when you look dejected. Like someone stole your lunch. Or took away your snack.
Dejected kitty

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 239 - Kids do the darnest things

Spent the day babysitting my niece today, and instead of me entertaining her, she kept me well amused!

She showed me how she had big shoes to fill (I think having a thing for shoes runs in the family),
"I'll grow into them"
Then demonstrated how slides are the best thing ever by spending hours on it (kids take infinitely longer than adults to get sick of something),
Hours of fun on the slide
And when I fed her some cheese slices, she held a piece in her hand as if studying it, then pushed it into my surprised mouth and giggled!?! After cheese it was time for some blueberries (which she loooooooooves, I'm sure they're her favourite thing in the world), and as she happily munched each away, I was absolutely shocked when she held up a blueberry and offered it to me!
Blueberry Nom nom nom

Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 233 - Coming home to a big package

After a long day at work and a catch up session with girlfriends over dinner and dessert, it's nice to come home to a huge package that's waiting for me.
What a big package
Snowflake likes checking out big packages too!
Snowflake checking out the big package

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 229 - Lomo love

I got a roll of film developed today. Further to the reasons mentioned last time I got a roll developed in February (it took me 6 months to finish up a roll?!?), everytime I get my photos back I'm transported to near and far away places.

Such as to cute nearby brunch spots...
Hello deer
Crates on a wall
To the cool Chancery Lane in Bendigo... Wall art in Hobart
To the top of foggy Mt Wellington in Hobart, Tasmania...
Foggy Mt Wellington, Hobart
To Sydney's laneways and its serene Chinese garden...
Sky babies, Sydney
Chinese garden, Sydney
Chinese garden, Sydney
To the old streets of historical Georgetown, Penang...
Old wall, Georgetown, Penang
Kids on a bicycle, Georgetown, Penang
My pet dinosaur, Georgetown, Penang
And to places that I don't even remember!
Everyone loves music
The LC-A, with its poorly made manufacturing of cheap plastic inside and outside, contributing to light leaks, fuzziness and at times disgustingly out of focus candids... also produces unpredictable, random yet intense vignetting, insane contrast colours that I fall over and over, head over heels in love with.

One particularly blurry photo on this roll caught my eye. 2 fun facts about me:

1. Blurry photos usually annoy me, and
2. My eyesight is shit.

I have one good eye and one shit eye, together they give me shitty but not that shitty near-sighted eyesight. I struggle to make out text that's more than 1m away from me, I can't see faces unless they're about less than 2m's away, and I often make strange remarks, "hey why is there a black cat on the table? Can you bring cats here? Ohh it's a scarf...".

Through my eyes, the world is a hazy palette of soft, coloured blobs. This sounds really wanky, but I recognise things (and people) by associating shapes, forms and movement characteristics, and it's always been challenging when I try to explain why I can see when I can't see, and what I actually see.

Well, this is pretty much it:
The blurry world through my myopic eyes
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