Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 239 - Kids do the darnest things

Spent the day babysitting my niece today, and instead of me entertaining her, she kept me well amused!

She showed me how she had big shoes to fill (I think having a thing for shoes runs in the family),
"I'll grow into them"
Then demonstrated how slides are the best thing ever by spending hours on it (kids take infinitely longer than adults to get sick of something),
Hours of fun on the slide
And when I fed her some cheese slices, she held a piece in her hand as if studying it, then pushed it into my surprised mouth and giggled!?! After cheese it was time for some blueberries (which she loooooooooves, I'm sure they're her favourite thing in the world), and as she happily munched each away, I was absolutely shocked when she held up a blueberry and offered it to me!
Blueberry Nom nom nom


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