Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 182 - Sunny winter day with Tayfarers, brunch at Breakfast Thieves and Hairspray

On this unexpectedly sunny winter day, I...

...giggled wildly when I saw this in an email. Tayfarers!! Hanson have a hilarious sense of humour!

...had delicious brunch at Breakfast Thieves with lovely company.

...oohed and ahhed over this cute wrapper from Amsterdam (thanks for the goodies Li Jun). Amsterdam wrapping paper

...smiled non-stop throughout Hairspray on tv. It's such a great flick, I can't imagine anyone sitting through it without a perma-smile on their faces! It also covers just about every issue under the sun - integration in the 1960's, body image, social issues, racism, low self-esteem, inter-racial relationships... and of course James Marsden's charm doesn't hurt! Minute 2:08 below ALWAYS makes me weak in the knees!


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