Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 177 - The Bermuda Triangle is fungry

I felt like I had been neglecting the Bermuda Triangle recently, so on Saturday night I fed it:
  • 2 massive art folio carriers and drawing blocks
  • 2 (still functioning) lamps
  • 2 boxes full of folders (historically the Bermuda Triangle doesn't like the cardboardy plasticy taste of folders)
  • A badminton racquet
  • Random vacuum cleaner body parts
On Sunday morning everything was GONE! Weekend meals are always unpredictable - sometimes everything goes down a treat and every bit is gone in minutes, sometimes it throws up someone else's lunch and makes a big mess everywhere. Hmm the Bermuda Triangle sounds like a toddler..

Taking Saturday's performance as a sign of starvation, I dumped all this crap into it last night:

2 bed headboards, random sticks and cardboard and bamboo stakes, gunswords, a VCD player, another lamp, old bags, a weird homemade A4 paper holder tray thingamajig, rolls of cables and wires... I was sure it would take a while to chomp through these. They were heavy headboards, for chrissake!

But this morning:

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