Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 62 - The best pizza in Melbourne and silly sausage

Pizza Religion on Urbanspoon

I'd like to make a bold statement. Pizza Religion is where you can find the best pizzas in Melbourne. The guys there have mastered the perfect pizza that ticks all my boxes - thin and crispy base, fresh toppings and ingredients, and doesn't make me feel sick with the feeling of a gallon of oil and heavy cheese sitting in my stomach afterwards.

Brett and I have gotten pizza from Pizza Religion many, many, many times before, and not once have the pizzas disappointed us. We've pretty much worked our way through the menu, with our favourite pizzas being the chorizo (chorizo, prawn, chipotle sauce, jalapeños) and prawn (prawn, chilli, garden peas, ricotta, salsa verde). What I find most impressive is how consistent the quality is: every pizza is just as good as the last one!

Every time we swing by to pick up our order, the place is always packed with hungry mobs. I practically have to elbow and fight my way through throngs of people to collect my pizzas from the counter!

Tonight we decided to go for the lamb (roast lamb, olive tapenade, fetta, oregano, cherry tomato)...
Roast lamb pizza

and the potato (potato, streaky bacon, caramelised onion, sour cream and chives).
Potato and bacon pizza

They were both delicious yet light, which is how most of the pizzas at Pizza Religion are like. They were the perfect choice of food to accompany movie watching on a lazy Friday night.

Earlier on today, Jon P called me a silly sausage. A silly sausage. Yup. A silly sausage. It's such a funny and endearing term, it never fails to crack me up!


  1. i am a big lover of pizza and after reading your blog it looks like I'll be able to find the best pizza in Melbourne.

    1. Hi thanks for stopping by! Give Pizza Religion a try, I hope you like them as much as I do :)


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