Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 63 - Lots of unhealthy but tasty food and cute stuff at Ikea

Today was a day of unhealthy eating.

It all started at Friends Of Mine (which we managed to get to at 2:55pm, 5 minutes before their kitchen closed yay) where we stuffed our faces with the most unhealthy examples of breakfasts like...

Artery clogging herb & cheesy toast with bacon..
Herb and cheesy toast with bacon think that's bad? Here's the 'hangover cure' of smashed avocado, poached eggs and craploads of bacon on herb & cheesy toast.
The hangover cure

And then there were honey joys!!!
Honey joys, oh honey joys

For dinner, Brett cooked up his own take on Malaysian mi goreng, and threw in bacon and lap cheong to round up a full day of unhealthy eating.
Malaysian noodles

So good. Yet so bad.

We wandered around Ikea in the afternoon as I wanted to get ideas on how to spend more money redecorate and refurnish the house. I stumbled upon some really cute stuff there, like these adorable night lights:
Cute night lights

...and miniature crockery in shades of pastel, eeeks! So cute I almost combusted!
Cute little crockery!


  1. Those lights look like the offspring of your defunct nabaztag..hahaha


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