Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 26 - Celebrating Australia Day in Penang

It's Australia Day today, but I spent the day doing rather un-Australian activities:
  1. I met up with my Standard 6 (ie. primary school Year 6) classmates, which turned out to be quite interesting as I haven't seen most of them since we were 12. It was funny to see and talk about how much weight all of us had put on since, and how the short boys were now a couple of heads taller than us.
  2. We had lunch at Chilis, which is pretty un-Australian.
  3. Met up with some friends for Hong Kong-style sweets at Tong Pak Fu.
  4. Caught up with some other friends at Straits Quay for frozen yoghurt at Fruuze, and an icy green tea latte at Starbucks. Also quite un-Australian. We did however discuss the merits of living in Penang vs Melbourne.
So I had to make up for all the un-Australian-ness by having 2 Crownies while wearing a VB cap and lounging in an easy chair with twin stubby holders, with a feral gum tree in the backdrop.


O hai Happy Australia Day

Happy Australia Day!


  1. The feral gum tree makes up for it Sammie :P.

    1. I thought so too! We used to have 2 in our garden :)


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