Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 31 - Stars, a random message and a comforting Snowflake

I had to leave work at lunchtime to come home as I wasn't feeling well - sore throat, runny and congested nose, fever, headache - it seems like last week's crazies have finally caught up with me.

While there's nothing to smile about being sick, a few things did manage to put a smile on my face today:

  1. When I got home in the afternoon, the stars were shining. For years Snowflake loved to climb up and down my curtains, she was always hanging on with her claws and it annoyed the hell outta me.  Luckily she's stopped this habit, but what's left behind is a clusters of stars that come to life during the day. So what started as Snowflake being downright annoying turned out to be something wonderful. Sometimes we get so caught up with being angry or upset that we miss out on all the beauty right in front of us.
  2. Stars in my curtain

  3. I've been missing my family and friends back in Penang, so when I received a SMS from Leon saying "My doctor always listens to hearts and he heard yours say come back to Malaysia", I had to laugh.

  4. While I was in bed resting up, Snowflake decided to join me. She can be incredibly sweet at times, and while she won't fetch me some water or food, she helps me feel a little less sick in her own way.


  1. lol when I first saw that curtain I thought you had put something on it to make it look that way!

    Run Snowflake, run! ;)

  2. U know what sammie, i was on MC yesterday for....u guessed it, sore throat, runny and congested nose and a fever. Guess we all brought a little reminder of penang back with us ;)

    1. Can't believe you have all the same symptoms too! Hope you feel better soon, my sinuses are so congested...


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