Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 76 - Wei Wei graduates with her PhD!

Wei Wei and I have known each other since we were both 9. We bonded over our love of dance, boys and general mischief, and have been close friends ever since. We went through primary school and high school sitting side by side, holding hands while walking to the canteen, I'd let her copy my English test answers and she'd pass me her Chinese essays to plagiarise, we giggled over our teachers and she taught me how to swear in hokkien eloquently.

After high school, we went our separate ways. I came to Melbourne and called it my home, while she called Japan hers. In 2006 when I graduated from uni, she flew in from Japan.
My graduation in 2006

After a series of intriguing events, Wei Wei eventually moved to Melbourne. And today, it was finally (I say finally because she's been studying for sooo looooong) my turn to attend her graduation!

Today, she became Dr. Wei Wei.
With the new Dr

Cherry robe

Graduation day


It may be hard to imagine but I don't always feel overwhelmed with sentimental emotions - there are days when an old trinket means the world to me, and there are days when I see it as just a piece of scrap metal. Yet when I saw Wei Wei on stage walking up to the Chancellor to receive her certificate with a massive smile on her face, the image of a 9 year old Wei Wei flashed in my mind, along with all the many, many memories we made together while growing up.

I actually found a tear in my eye. My gosh, my little girl's all grown up. And she has a PhD!

I love you Wei Wei and I'm SO proud of you and your massive achievement. Now lets celebrate!
Congratulatory kiss


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