Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 87 - Waking up with Snowflake above my head, a face and Lululemon's Stuff Your Bra

It takes 3 legs to make a tripod or to make a table stand, and it takes 3 wheels to make a vehicle called a tricycle, and every triangle has 3 corners, every triangle has 3 sides, no more, no less, you don't have to guess that it's 3, can't you see? It's a magic number:
  1. When I was jolted awake by my alarm this morning, I swore I could hear Snowflake purring but I couldn't see her anywhere. She's usually curled up in a furball somewhere on top or next to me, but not this morning. Then I felt a paw slap my forehead.

    She was sleeping on the top of my pillow, right above my head! Ha!

  2. I had a faces in places spotting at work hehehehe 

  3. I literally laughed out loud when I saw these new arrivals on Lululemon's website. 

  4. Both have not 0, or 1, but 7 pockets to carry your stuff, and the spiel on the website reads, "We made this so we could have a place to easily access all our marathon paraphernalia on long runs. Seven pockets were specifically articulated to store your gels, keys and other items that are useful during training (and less embarrassing than tissue, rest assured)." 
    I really love Lululemon, but this is freakin' hilarious!


  1. lol is that the same tank top you bought Sammie? It has pockets! :P

    Snowflake sure is generous allowing you to sleep on her pillow and all...

    1. What.. no!

      She can be nice when she chooses to be..


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