Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 105 - Little joys in perfect weather

Here are a few things that made me smile today:
  1. Perfect weather! 26 degrees, sunny with a light, cool breeze. The last week has been cold, rainy and miserable but we're suddenly blessed with great weather over the weekend.. looks like winter isn't quite here yet after all?!

  2.  Finding Brett watching The Binding of Isaac videos on his TV. LOL. 
  3. Bindings of Isaac

    Pe Yang shared this video with us a few weeks ago. It's basically a dude recording himself playing Binding of Isaac while commentating... yes it's as sad as it sounds, but its actually strangely mesmerising and addictive to watch and listen to him charismatically talk NON-STOP! How does he multi-task SO well?!?

  4. Having breakfast at 3pm. 
  5. Hobba big breakfast

  6. Shy looking cats. Awww. 
  7. Containers for kitty treats

  8. Pretty pink garage doors!
  9. To infinity and beyond

  10. And finding more pink doors... at Ikea!
  11. Pink doors at Ikea


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