Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 108 - Cat thugs, Steel Saunders' The Cat's Meow and awesome housemates

  1. Wtf..?

  2. Source: Fail Blog

  3. Caught Steele Saunders' comedy show The Cat's Meow tonight and found it hilarious that I could relate to almost everything he said about cats, from topics of their Fitness ("Cats only have 2 levels of fitness: 1 - Do fuck all, absolutely nothing, or 2 - Like a cat on cocaine running around doing everything all at once, which is half of everything on YouTube"), their Honesty ("My cat Jerry likes a pat on the head every morning, but sometimes he wants a pat before I wake up, which causes a bit of an issue. So he comes up to my hand while I'm still asleep and rubs his head against my open, lifeless hand to give himself a pat, but he doesn't stick around for a cuddle afterwards, no... instead he bites my hand and runs off. It's a hand rape. That's honesty, cats don't lie."), and Happiness (where Steele shares a long but heartfelt story about how a cat named Chewy brought him and his girlfriend so much pure joy - though I especially loved how Steele gave his girlfriend a birthday card with a picture of a kitten in it saying 'This is being born for you today' and an asterisk below noting 'Not actual kitten'.)

  4. Really enjoyed Steele's deadpan delivery and his appreciation of cats' competencies as he  compared cats' superiority to the stupidity of humans the strange things humans do. Thanks Li Jun for the ticket!

  5. I was surprised to find these just sitting there when I got home. They looked as if they were patiently waiting to meet me!
  6. Shoe cupboard 1 Shoe cupboard 2
    Some fairies Michael had assembled them while I was at work. I don't think I could wish for a better housemate! 

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  1. lol thug cats for lyfe.

    Steele Saunders stand up routine sounded awesome!


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