Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 114 - Chewbacca likes McDonald's and Fred gets to DJ at Creamfields Melbourne

  1. Everybody likes McDonald's. Even Chewy!

  2. A month ago, Fred mentioned he was submitting an entry into a remixing competition. He explained that there were 3 stages to the competition: 

    • Stage 1 - Remix submissions for each state are shortlisted  
    • Stage 2 - Public voting commences on the shortlisted tracks 
    • Stage 3 - The top 3 voted tracks for each state go on for a final round of judging where the winner will DJ their own set at the Creamfields festival in their state!

    Fred had recently gone full time with producing his music and was psyched about the competition - there was a mad glisten in his eye as he talked about how incredible the exposure would be. We cheered him on and asked him to let us know if he got to Stage 2 as we'd do our best to help with votes.

    A couple of weeks later, we received a notification in Facebook - Fred's track had gone through Stage 1 and was now at Stage 2! We were ecstatic for him and quickly put in our votes. As far as public voting typically goes, it was more of a popularity contest than anything so we helped to spread the word in hopes that our friends would help cast their votes too. At that point, Fred's track was hundreds of votes ahead of the rest. I had a listen to a couple of other shortlisted tracks, and to me, Fred's was a clear winner - trance music isn't my forte, but his sounded solid, had a great beat behind it, and most importantly had depth and emotion that I could feel. I was confident his track would stay at the top.

    I had forgotten to check back on how the voting was progressing, but was under the assumption that Fred would be leading. During the last hour before voting ended, I checked the voting page and my jaw dropped when I saw that his track had dropped to 4th place... but it was just 2 votes behind 3rd place! I frantically clicked 'Vote' and saw the votes increase steadily as Fred and his friends tried to garner as many last minute votes as they could.

    This video sums up those last few manic minutes of voting:
    I can't help but laugh at Fred's expression and the amount of brolove in that room.

    Fred was in 3rd place and on his way to the final round!!

    3 days later....

    FRED WON!! What an amazing feat! I'm overjoyed for him and incredibly proud, what a fantastic way to break into his career!

1 comment:

  1. lol bro love at its finest :D.

    Seriously that is an awesome achievement by Fred and he should be extremely proud!

    PS: Chewbacca just taking a break from saving the galaxy to get a well deserved feed haha.


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