Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 129 - Destressing

What do I do to destress after a crazy day at work, that has left my mind feeling numb and my forehead and eyebrows hurting from my perma-frown?

I crank up the volume on my iPod and grab Snowflake for a boogie session...
Dancing with Snowflake
Dancing with Snowflake
(we were dancing to The Black Keys and Snoop)

...light a candle and take deep breaths...
Gascoigne & King Miss Savannah

...and submit to the mother of all comfort foods. 3 cheese pasta bake with mushrooms and bacon, topped with - wait for it - 3 cheeses. Oh yes. So bad. Yet so good. I'm sorry heart.
3 cheese bake with bacon and mushroom aka heart attack in a bowl


  1. lol 6 layers Sammie! That really does look awesome though :).


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