Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 144 - A Star Wars Wedding and another China Photoshop fail

Spent most of today in bed again nursing this bastard of a cold. From the comfort of my bed, I came across a couple of smiles:
  1. Stumbled across a traditional wedding on Etsy Weddings where Star Wars was subtly thrown in. How cute is this! It's adorable to see a wedding where each others' personalities and what they love are celebrated and embraced. 

  2. Source: Han Solo Finds His Princess Leia

  3. The Chinese officials are at it again!

  4. No, not Photoshopping. Levitating. They're such ninjas at it. 
    I can still remember the last time they levitated.

    Source: The Age - When Photoshop goes wrong: 'floating' inspectors cause internet stir
    It looks like they've levelled up to levitating over challenging shrubbery now! 

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