Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 160 - Eureka moment, hot dog, strange timing, deer having brain freeze, Leit's wedding video and it's the long weekend

  1. =GETPIVOTTABLE(PivotTable,A3&" Total") was my Eureka moment that made me gasp "HOH!" loudly and earned me a couple of glances. So simple!

  2. Mmmm hot dog! Thanks for the laugh B.

  3. Strange timing and the wonder of it all makes me smile.   

  4. I ordered a crepe from La Petite Creperie and had a brief chat with the cute French girl who took my order. After she wished me bon app├ętit and au revoir, I tucked into my warm nutella crepe. It started to rain, so I took shelter under the awning of a shop and people watched as I happily munched on the deliciousness I held in my hands.

    After I finished my crepe and wiping nutella off my face, I fished my umbrella out of my bag, opened it and started my walk home. I waited at the lights. I looked at the people around me who were umbrella-less, and was about to tell someone, "You can stand under my umbrella ella ella ella" when I heard someone call out my Chinese name. Startled, I looked over and there stood a guy with a somewhat familiar face that I couldn't place. He flashed me a knowing smile. My mind raced but it drew a blank. Those few seconds of complete silence where we just stared at each other felt like hours. 

    "Errrr I'm so sorry but I'm not sure who you are," I stuttered.

    "It's Ronald."

    My mind went blank again. Then the light finally flickered on upstairs (about time).

    "OH MY GOD RONALD!!!!" I must have burst out. The old woman next to me jumped. 

    Hey to my credit, the last time I saw Ronald was at least 10 years ago. Maybe more around 11 or 12 years. We spent the next few minutes speedily doing the whole oh my gosh it's been so long, what are you up to these days, how have you been, what do you do for work now, wow really you work in IT, but you don't look like someone who works in IT, it's been so long I couldn't recognise you you look so different, but you look the same you still have the same little girl face, we should catch up properly soon thing, as Ronald huddled under my umbrella.

    Then I asked him where he lived. When he told me, my jaw fell to the ground. Turns out he's been living just around the corner from me, literally about 20 steps away, for YEARS! Ohhh it was mind blowing!

    It's strange timing like this... when you mysteriously bump into an old friend you haven't seen in a decade at the lights, and you both just happen to be there at the same time, after you had taken shelter so that you could eat your crepe out of the rain and watch the world go by for a few minutes, after you decide to make a detour to go get a crepe on the way home... that really makes me laugh.

  5. Oh I came across a cute picture of a deer having brain freeze hehehe

  6. Received a copy of my cousin, Liet's, wedding video (it's been eager anticipated as the wedding was held in October 2010) along with a group photo and a handwritten note on Vera Wang stationery (which was a nice touch). Watching and reliving the wedding was a lot of fun! 
  7. Leit's wedding video and thank you card

  8. Yay it's Friday, AND a long weekend! Woo hoo!


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