Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 163 - Random sights in Hobart

Last day in Hobart today, here are some random sightings:
  1. On the way to catch the MONA ferry, we spotted some penguins...
  2. Hobart waterfront I kept bugging Brett to ask if he liked pinguins hehehe.

  3. We visited the Richmond Bridge in a charming, quaint little town called Richmond. This is the oldest bridge in Australia (built 1823-1825). 
  4. Richmond Bridge - Australia's oldest bridge (built 1823-1825)

  5. Aww. What's cuter than a team of different coloured ducks? All of them waddling together!
  6. Ducks at the Richmond Bridge

  7. Went all the way up Mt. Wellington, however it had been raining so it was incredibly foggy. The temperature dropped from 12 degrees at the bottom to 4 degrees once we reached the top! Brrrr! 
  8. Foggy at the top of Mt Wellington
    The fog creates such a mysterious atmosphere.
    Foggy at the top of Mt Wellington
  9. Devoured more fresh seafood before we left. I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but I got a bit too much prawns (they were lunch AND dinner!).
  10. Seafood basket
    Mmm prawns


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