Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 187 - The bookshelves are done!

I'm proud to announce that Stage 26 (or whatever it is, I've lost count) of Project Home has finally been checked off!!

For the past few weeks, I've been making many trips to Ikea and my housemate Michael has been doing a lot of this...
In progress: setting up of Billy bookshelves
In progress: setting up of Billy bookshelves
Soon there was 1 Billy, and then there were another 4 Billys, but I had nowhere to put them...
First Billy bookshelf is done
...because this eyesore was in the way!
Before: I have no words for this
So after rifling through then packing everything up and chucking its remainings into the Bermuda Triangle, I was left with this... yay progress!
In progress: setting up of Billy bookshelves
In the midst of switching some shelves over, my books had a hissy fit and became stepping stones all over my bedroom floor..
Book fight
And I cleared out the closet (this itself took weeks... seriously...) and moved our towels (amongst other stuff) in there (I also thought I'd arrange them by colour). Pretty!
Aesthetically pleasing towels
And in due time, everything started to fall nicely into place...
Billy bookshelves
After: Organised Billy bliss
There's now SO much space for me to prance around!
So spacious!


  1. Awesome job Sammie! Place looks fantastic :).


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