Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 208 - Holiday, here we come!

My Mom likes to say that only people who work truly appreciate the notion of weekends, public holidays, and to some extent, holidays.

For me, I believe there's nothing quite as exhilarating than turning on your Out of Office right before you go on holiday. That's when it really hits you - this shit is about to get real, you're really going on holiday, the holiday you've planned for for so long is really happening fo' shizzle, you're going to get on a plane in a few hours' time and you won't be around for a little while!!

We've been planning this holiday for the past few months, and for the past few weeks I've been obsessively poring over TripAdvisor every night, rereading hotel reviews and trawling through forums (mainly to read up on do's and don'ts in Vietnam and to weather watch as it's monsoon season and there have been a couple of typhoons.. gulp). We'll be spending the next 2 weeks in Penang, Vietnam and Singapore - for the first few days we'll be attending Tiam's wedding in Penang and eating our way through the island, followed by a hectic week in Hanoi and Ha Long Bay, and finishing off the last few days of our holiday relaxing in Singapore. Can't wait!!

Oh and as part of the Les Essentials de Chanel Fall 2012 makeup collection preview, thank you Chanel for prettying me up for my flight back home!
Thanks for making me pretty Chanel


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