Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 266 - Sloppy kisses from my niece

While babysitting my niece today, she did the funniest thing to me - as I was on the sofa, she stood on my legs and planted a big kiss on my lips.

"Aww that's nice," I laughed. She laughed too, then proceeded to lay another big sloppy one on me. 

Can I just say, having a child's snotty face and slobbery, wet mouth enlarging as they inch their way closer and closer to your face until it all goes pitch black because their face is completely pressed up against yours, is a little unnerving! 

I cracked up laughing (I have a bizarre self-preservation habit of laughing when I panic) after she kissed me a few more times. She doesn't give quick, fleeting pecks either - oh no - she leaves her mouth there for a few good seconds (good value for money)!

My cracking up caused her to start laughing as well, and as I moved my head and turned away to avoid her incoming sloppiness, she pinned me down on the sofa with her knees, grabbed my face with both hands, stared deeply into my eyes then intently at my lips, and forced her wet mouth onto mine!! My god I was hysterical with laughter.

Afterwards, she cuddled up against me as we watched Giggle and Hoot together (if you have/are looking after/know a kid that's less than 5 years old - chances are the kid loooves Giggle and Hoot) and I couldn't resist snapping a photo. I look dopey and exhausted, but aww look at how adorable she is!  


  1. I love this pic, it's adorable.

    I stumbled across your photos on Twitter and I was just wondering if you had any other "crowd shots" from outside the venue? I was there and hoping to see myself in some pics lol :)

    1. Hi Kelly! Not sure which Twitter you're referring to as I don't have Twitter lol but I'd like to find out :) I'm also assuming you're referring to crowd shots at Hanson? Shoot me an email at thanksforthesmile at gmail dot com and we'll chat there :)


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