Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 311 - Vietnam in lomo

I picked up the roll of film I dropped off yesterday, and discovered that Vietnam looks great in lomo! The lo-fi aesthetics and the noise captures the grittiness of Hanoi so well. I'm taken back to...

Street corners with framed pictures of their beloved Uncle Ho,
Uncle Ho
The lovely Hoan Kiem Lake that was always crowded no matter what time of the day,
Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi
One of the many Vietnamese women who had a very strong head (and catlike balance),
Strong head
Walking in the middle of Hanoi roads amongst all of this craziness (love it!!),
Hanoi bikes
Hanoi bikes
This narrow little street that our hotel was on,
Hanoi streets
Kicking back at the infamous bia hoi corner on little plastic chairs with glasses of 20 cent fresh beer that was insanely refreshing and so easy to drink in 40 degrees heat,
Bia hoi Hanoi
Watching life pass us by,
Bia hoi corner Hanoi
Bia hoi corner Hanoi
Hanoi art
Eating the tastiest fried pho and pho guon on child-size plastic stools in a dingy room filled with locals on their lunch break,
Lunchtime in Hanoi
Waking up to this in Halong Bay (and making a rookie mistake of getting my finger in the photo d'oh), Ha Long Bay
There were some other goodies in the roll too, like this Singaporean cat,
Singaporean cat
These Asian biscuits that were a familiar sight while growing up,
And being very excited to be lining up for Laduree macarons.
Laduree Sydney
But I think the best photo in the roll is this one hands down!
Cock in Hanoi


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