Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 347 - 12 things to smile about on 12/12/12

Seeing that today is 12/12/12 which is kinda special, I decided that I should do something a little different for today's post to commemorate this date. Today I'm documenting not just one thing that made me smile, but twelve!

So here we go, 12 things that made me smile on the 12th day of the 12th month in 2012:

  1. Spotting this face that looked like it was as thirsty for coffee as I was.
  2. Colleagues who say things like "You should let your puppies roam free!" in the most fuddy duddy manner.
  3. Female colleagues who say "But anything more than a handful is a waste".
  4. And other female colleagues who respond with "No, anything more than a mouthful is a waste!", sending a bunch of women hysterical. 
  5. Taking a different route home and getting sidetracked by these stunning jacaranda trees. I stood and stared at their magnificence for a while, they're so breathtaking and vivid. Jacaranda trees always make me think of Dad. 
  6. Finally getting home after walking around in sweltering 32 degrees heat, then getting in front of the fan and blasting it IS THE BEST.
  7. Windy The windswept look
  8. Putting on my favourite Hanson tshirt! Wheeeee!
  9. My favourite Hanson tshirt
  10. Receiving this exquisite L'avion scarf in the mail. One of my absolute favourite illustrators Kelly Smith has teamed up with L'avion once again to create another beautiful scarf featuring deer, fawns and one of Kelly's signature girls under a cherry blossom tree. Me love!
  11. Kelly Smith illustrated L'avion fawn and cherry blossom scarf
  12. This is I think (as far as I can remember anyway) the first time I've started wrapping Joanne's Christmas presents before Christmas...! We usually spend soo long trying to find presents for each other that we only start wrapping (and exchanging presents) well into the new year. Like how I only started wrapping last year's Christmas presents on the 4th of January this year, and we only got around to swapping presents on the 9th of February (hey turns out this blog is really handy for looking up dates!).
  13. All set to wrap
  14. ....I was trying to wrap presents anyway, until Snowflake interrupted and wanted to stick her nose into everything. 
  15. Snowflake helps out with Christmas wrapping  
    Like really, everything...
    Snowflake helps out with Christmas wrapping
    Which can be kinda annoying when I'm trying to get wrapping done, but it also turned out to be quite amusing...
    Snowflake helps out with Christmas wrapping
    Oh well!
    Snowflake helps out with Christmas wrapping
  16. This gorgeous red glitter tape. Love!
  17. Red glitter tape
  18. I discovered a week ago that the Mercato Gelato stalls at the Suzuki Night Market at the Queen Victoria Market sell whatever's left in each flavour of gelato for $10 per tub at 10pm!! Today being such a warm day meant there was a sea of people swarming around the stall when I got there at 9:50pm. When 10pm came around everyone was clambering for tubs like they were fighting over the last tin of tuna before the apocalypse. I managed to nab this 60% full tub of creme caramel gelato, and heard a woman cry out "Bitch!" when I did. No creme caramel gelato for you! 


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