Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 13 - The little things

Today, it was the little things that made me smile.

I love Rekorderlig cider - they're perfect during summer but great to have anytime, really. I was very surprised to discover that not only were they available in cans, but also in delicious flavours I had never come across before such as mango raspberry, elderflower and this limited edition one here - summer berries of blackberry and raspberry. Better still, I stumbled upon these at the grocery store just around the corner! 
Special cider

Li Jun has just returned from a trip to Japan and Korea and brought some adorable goodies back for me. How ridiculously cute are those socks!?
Goodies from Japan

As it was my brother's 2nd last day in Melbourne since he's moving back to Penang tomorrow, he decided to throw a final farewell party. What decent celebration would be complete without a funny collage?
Pe Yang

Later on, Brett took two hyperactive kids who were high on sugar for a spin... over and over again!
Look ma no hands

We then roasted marshmallows in our makeshift "bonfire" on the rooftop.
Toasting marshmallows

The little things make the world go round!


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