Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 14 - Cat people and my brother

While I was queuing up for some sushi from Kenzan this afternoon, I couldn't help but notice the photo in the wallet of the man standing right in front of me, who was paying for his food. It was a photo of his cat. His fluffy, white and grey cat. But what really made me smirk was spotting a little glittery sticker photo of his other black cat, which he had next to the photo of his fluffy, white and grey cat.

The thought of a grown man carrying photos (with one of them being glittery) of his cats around in his wallet is funny, yet somewhat heartwarming.

I was recollecting what went down during last night's final farewell party with my brother as he couldn't remember much from it - which is the sign of a good party! Naturally, we went through the photos on his camera The Hangover style to relive a few comical events, from my brother somehow tripping over the BBQ and sending hot charcoal spilling everywhere; to him handing out bottles of wine and autographing books before giving them away.

And after a month long of farewell celebrations, the time for him to leave had come.

Thanks for the memories, all the smiles and all the laughs. I'll miss you Pe Yang!


  1. lol that second photo is hilarious Sammie! You should smile like that ALL the time :D.

    1. Haha it'll be hard to see where I'm going!


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