Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 16 - Waking up to Snowflake and the Bermuda Triangle

When I opened my eyes this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see Snowflake's head resting on my pillow, just inches away from my face. Her eyes were shut, and she was emitting a soft yet strange pigeon-like cooing sound while purring like a mini hairdryer.

Snowflake chooses her moments to show me she loves me very carefully, and this was one of them.

For as long as I was awake, we shared a pillow for about 10 minutes before she moved into a different position. I call this her dive-bomb position.

As I left home for work, I placed a pair of my brother's old shoes in a spot outside my place I like to call the Bermuda Triangle.

Over the years, various random items have been placed in the Bermuda Triangle. I've seen cupboards, tables, vacuum cleaners with no hose attachments, too many broken fax machines, CRT monitors, chairs, dirty shower caddies, mattresses, radios, speakers... and they ALWAYS disappear, no matter how big or small or crappy or filthy, and sometimes within 10 minutes! The trick, it seemed, was that the objects had to be placed directly within that particular spot - anywhere beyond the Bermuda Triangle and they would remain there untouched for days on end.

So I put my brother's old, worn out shoes - and I mean really old and worn out, into the Bermuda Triangle thinking that no one in their right mind would pick up a pair of stinky ol' shoes. Come on, what would you even do with them?!

When I returned home from work 9 hours later, the shoes had vanished.

Oh Bermuda Triangle, you never cease to amuse and amaze me!


  1. The Bermuda Triangle! They probably talk about it in Marshal's Enigmas of the Mystical ;).

    lol Snowflake.

    1. They probably do :) the Bermuda Triangle has never failed me!

  2. Aww...lucky you. Tootsie usually wakes me up for her breakfast :(

    1. Haha I'm lucky Snowflake's had a full personality change, she loves to cuddle up for a snooze in the morning now!


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