Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 17 - A surprise visitor

I had a brilliant surprise tonight - I had dinner plans with my uni girlfriends Melinda, Skye and Judes, yet when I got to Hu Tong and approached the table, I noticed an extra person there... it was Natalie!!! Natalie works and lives in Hong Kong, so I was completely taken by surprise (and very very thrilled) to see her there.

We spent the night catching up on each other's lives, and moved on to Monga for some sweet treats and more yakyakyak. 

Melinda had coconut cream noodles with with mango and strawberry slices in mango soup (sounds bizarre but it was delish).. 

While I had shaved ice with mango, pomelo, mango "popping boba", mango syrup and condensed milk. Tasty!

Thank you for the surprise visit Natalie, you sure put a big smile on my face!


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