Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2 - Simple pleasures

It was a scorcher of a day in Melbourne today as temperatures soared and peaked around 40 degrees celsius. It was as if summer had arrived late to the party, barged and charged its way through the door, then proceeded to stick our heads simultaneously into a conventional oven in a fit of rage. As much as I love summer and all the goodies it brings along, such as long sunny days, sunset at 8:30pm, beach weather and induces me to involuntarily consume copious amounts of sangria and iced tea, I really, really hate dry heat.

I was lucky enough to be able to seek refuge and beat the heat at a friend's apartment where the central air-conditioning is never switched off and the temperature is a constant, comfortable, lovely 21 degrees. You know that exact moment when the front door swings open, your body warm and sluggish, your feet like a pair of baked muffins, every pore in your skin feels like its basking in its own private hot spa... and the cool air from the apartment literally smacks you in the face but then quickly embraces you like a human-sized refresher towelette... a sigh of "ahhh" usually follows this transition from hot and bothered to not? Well, I had that moment, and it put a very, very big smile on my face.

Later in the day, I braved the outdoors again for dinner at the Belgian Beer Cafe. It was still stinking hot at 36 degrees. As I took a gulp from my ice cold Hoegaarden beer, the aforementioned moment made its return. Ahhh. Biggest. Smile. Ever.

Hoegaarden witbier


  1. Thanks for the smile!Welcome to the world of blogging. I hope you will be able to update that consistently as I have failed in the past. Good Luck!

  2. @Mr Gin Gin! Happy new year! Seems strange to not be at your party on New Year's hehe :)

    Thanks Gin.. the plan is to update daily (eeps!). I remember I used to read your blog years ago! You should definitely get back into updating more often.


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