Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3 - Tasty ramen and charging alpacas

I read about Kokoro Ramen this morning and the thought of a hot bowl of ramen consisting of noodles made on-site with toppings ranging from crispy soft shell crab to fried chicken to pork belly in a variety of chicken, pork bone and seafood base broths made me salivate so much that I found myself there at 5pm when they opened their doors for dinner. 

Kokoro Ramen on Urbanspoon
Opening hours: Currently 5pm till late. Will be open for lunch starting Monday 9 January.

The menu, from which you can choose from an array of ramen combinations, or build your own with your preferred soup base and adding extras, with the latter option being more expensive.

I was set on trying out the fried soft-shell crab with Tokyo ramen (chicken and seafood stock broth) while after much deliberation Brett had decided on the pork belly with tonkotsu shoyu ramen (soy sauce base pork bone and chicken broth)... and we were shattered when we were told they had no Tokyo ramen broth, and no pork belly! Gah!!

So I ordered the soft-shell crab with tonkotsu miso ramen (soybean paste base pork bone and chicken broth), which turned out to be delicious. The broth was rich and aromatic with red chilli oil and sesame. The noodles were thin and chewy, slices of grilled pork, pickled bamboo and a creamy half-egg adorned the bowl. What was most impressive was that the soft-shell crab retained its crispiness even after it had soaked up the fragrant broth. Mmmm.

Brett had charshu (grilled pork) with tonkotsu shoyu ramen.

To me, the ramen tasted reasonably close to what we had while in Tokyo. With my happy belly full after a generous bowl of ramen, I resolved to return soon with hopes that pork belly will be back on the menu.

Earlier today, Michael sent me a link to a pack/herd/flock/spittoon of charging alpacas which had me sniggering.

Source: Danasowrus.tumblr.com

How anyone can think alpacas/llamas are not funny is beyond me!

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  1. Alpaca's.....so......mesmerizing.......can't.....look.........away...


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