Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4 - The joy of wrapping

Today, I was finally getting around to wrapping Joanne's Christmas presents (yes I know Christmas was a week and half ago) and Snowflake decided to help out.

She supervised dutifully and kept a close eye on the ribbons.
Supervisor kitty

She performed a classic rub and sniff test to make sure the presents were up to scratch.
Sniff test kitty

She checked the quality of the wrapping paper.
Paper rolling kitty

And then she took a nap. Whew, present wrapping is hard work!
Tired kitty


  1. They're always around you when you're trying to do something..haha.

  2. @SY Haha exactly, it's like they know that's the best time to hang around!

  3. Found it!

  4. Good to see Snowflake is allowing you to use her wrapping paper and ribbons Sammie!

  5. @SY Lol yeah that picture sums it up nicely :)

    @Jon She was very generous yesterday, and I think she was pleased with my wrapping skills!

  6. Yeah you totally exaggerated how badly you wrap presents Sammie! lol

  7. @Jon It's only because you can't see the wrapping close up... I also watched a youtube video that showed me how to do 'neater' wrapping, which obviously helped lol

  8. lol thats actually not a bad idea! I youtube how to do a windsor knot whenever I need to wear my suit :D.


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