Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 22 - Simple village life

On the eve of Chinese New Year, we always go back to Dad's old hometown where all the relatives get together for the whole afternoon to catch up, eat, and wish each other well wishes for the new year.

On the way there, I had a faces in places spotting. That's two days in a row!
Dimply smile

It was actually quite refreshing to get away from the city and into the relaxing and peaceful surroundings at Dad's hometown. We met 4 very adorable, identical puppies...

We watched some cows walk around us, with this scary big cow below being the leader of the herd...Leader cow

Aren't cows cute! They look like they're permanently smiling!

Then we came across some poo trading. Good to know they import and export!
Poo trading


  1. Wow that's one BADASS cow! lol

    Not just poo trading, but a import export business as well :P.

  2. Poo trading, sounds like a crap job to me ;)


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