Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 21 - A face, cheap food, Pop Pop and good security

4 things put a smile on my face today:

  1. I have this inane and erratic obsession interest in spotting faces in places... I can't believe I didn't spot this one earlier!
  2. Earghh

  3. The abundance of glorious food in Penang is just incredible... the best part is that it's sooo ridiculously cheap once you convert how much they cost in Australian ringgit from Malaysian ringgit!

  4. Like a packet of tasty, tasty fried bee hoon for RM1.20, or 40 Australian cents... Fried bee hoon

    And a bowl of scrumptious, soul-soothing hokkien mee for RM2.80, or 90 Australian cents..
    Prawn mee

    Which was also how much this plate of char koay teow cost. Mindblowing!!
    Char koay teow

  5. Pop Pop it's been a while since we've seen you! We bought some Pop Pop so that we could put a pack in our room and say "I have pop pop in the bedroom" (Note: Arrested Development reference).
  6. Pop pop

    We also spotted some curiously named "Happy Boom" explosives. Not sure why there was a Happy Boom pack with a scantily clad manga chick on the box though...
    Happy boom

  7. With motion sensors and a hyperactive dog on the roof, my brother and I agreed that we have a fail-proof, impenetrable security system going on.
  8. Dog on a roof


  1. mmm char koay teow...Nyonya Hut is still closed dammit! lol

    That is indeed impenetrable you guys have there Sammie :P.

    1. Poor you to have to go without char koay teow for a while!

      Haha Fifi is super hyperactive, he's like a wild dog on espresso

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. lol that last sentence of mine made absolutely no sense! Left out the word 'security'. I'm not sure feeding the family dog espresso is such a good idea Sammie ;).


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