Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 20 - Being home

I love how Emirates has a star filled night sky. I could stare at it for hours!
Starry starry night

My first meal in Malaysia was at Old Town where I gobbled down a white coffee and toast with kaya and butter.
Old Town

Check out all that artery-clogging buttery goodness!
Kaya and butter toast

It's a great feeling to be back home in Penang, and to be surrounded by family.

Later in the afternoon, my brother and I roamed through the local supermarket, Cold Storage, where we spotted some funnies like Pirate Beer (next to an unfortunate sign)...
Arrrrr pirate beer

...and Burger King chips..?
Burger king snacks?

But the only Australian beer they stocked was Foster's...

...which left Pe Yang lost for words...

He looked fondly at the array of Australian beef but baulked at the prices...
Missing Australian beef

... while I found joy in cans of ice lemon tea. 
Ice lemon tea


  1. Only Foster's!? But but, surely they don't consider that our most popular beer? lol

    Totally not surprised you went straight for the Iced Tea!

  2. I think they might! It was the most expensive beer too :O


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