Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 38 - My niece turns 1

Psst - this is another lengthy photo-heavy post.

Dear my adorable little niece,

Exactly a year ago we met for the first time. You were so little then, not much longer than the width of your father's two hands. You loved clenching your knuckles and positioning them next to your face.

I was sick with a cold then so I couldn't hold you. I couldn't risk the possibility of getting you sick - that would kill me. A week later I recovered, and finally got to hold you for the first time. You probably knew it was my first time carrying a baby, but you went with it and slept right through.

From then on, cradling you in my arms felt like second nature.

And before I knew it, you had turned 1 month old!

When you were 8 weeks old, I babysat you for the first time. You went easy on me even though you knew it was my first time babysitting, and only shrieked in my ear cried for 20 minutes during the 4 hours we spent together. I got away with not having to change your nappy thanks to your considerate parents, and managed to feed, burp, soothe you and put you to sleep. Oh, that night I also learned how to balance your sleeping body on me while I ate dinner at the same time. It's nowhere as easy as it looks!
Babysitting 101: This, is how you hold a baby and eat dinner at the same time

You started developing all sorts of facial expressions as you kept growing...
Greasing me off!

A lovely, solid big laugh! ^^

Cheeky :)


... and soon you started teething, began guzzling down solids, and developed uber strong back and neck muscles. Next thing I knew, you were crawling all over the place.
Jia Jia half crawling

You could sit up all by yourself too!
Look of wonder

I hadn't quite realised it, but you had grown up right before my eyes into a beautiful, determined and strong-willed little girl.

You were picking up and imitating everything you saw people around you doing. Your curiosity knew no bounds, and you were now even walking on your own!
Fascinated with balloons

This year has flown by and you have grown so much. I'm sure before I know it, I'll be taking you out shopping, watching movies and eating ice cream. You are immensely loved by all of us, and it's hard to put into words how much joy you have brought each of us.

Happy 1st Birthday little love.

Love always,
Auntie Sammie


  1. Wow the little munchkin has grown so fast! Those photos of her doing funny faces are priceless. Nice post Sammie :).


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