Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 42 - Pretty stuff for my niece and vacuuming in Louboutins

Q: What never fails to put a smile on my face?

A: Seeing something extremely pretty, and buying it!

Q: What never fails to put an even bigger smile on my face?

A: Giving said extremely pretty thing to my niece.

What is it?

What's hiding in there?

Oooeeer it's purrrty!

Pretty top

Q: What never fails to give me heart palpitations?

A: A stunning pair of Christian Louboutin Decollete heels.
Christian Louboutin Decollette

Every time I look at them I fall in love over and over again. My heart flutters and skips a few beats. Unfortunately these shoes will probably never see the light of day because I simply cannot walk in 4.5 inch heels. So I do the next best thing, I wear them when I vacuum!

Louboutins make vacuuming fun

They make the tedious chore of vacuuming seem a bit more fabulous, darling.
How fabulous


  1. lol Sammie you never fail to make me laugh :).

  2. Ooh man...makes me wanna go out and buy a dyson vac...all you're missing is the french maid outfit! hehehe..


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