Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 43 - Fairy floss for breakfast, pink Clarisonic Mia, a face and bed-hogging Snowflake

Today has been a great day. Let me tell you why.

Earlier on today, I ducked into Bunnings to return some door knobs that didn't fit. I gasped out loud when I spotted a fairy floss machine (in operation) there.... FAIRY FLOSS AT BUNNINGS OH MY GOD!

Fairy floss!

There are not many things I love more than fresh fairy floss. Holding it in one hand while tearing off clouds of whispery thin sweetness and stuffing them in my mouth with another made me so deliriously happy (something to do with all that sugar?) and really made my day! I am clearly a simple girl haha..

In the afternoon, I popped into Myer to check if they had received any stock of the pink Clarisonic Mia. Let me put this into perspective - late last year I made up my mind to splurge on a Clarisonic after reading countless rave reviews, and at that time there were 3 different models available for sale. I spent some more time understanding the differences between the models, and finally settled on the Clarisonic Classic. Alas, that was a few weeks before Christmas and there was no stock anywhere. A month later, they had replenished their stock and just as I was about to make my purchase, I was told that they would be receiving stock of the Mia model soon. Drats. After MORE reading, I was convinced that I'd be happy with a Clarisonic Mia. But then they ran out of stock.... A few weeks later, they restocked Mia. Yay! HOWEVER Clarisonic Australia then announced that the pink Mia would be in stores by February. Argh FFS!! So of course I now wanted the pink Mia, because it wasn't just any pink, it was light pink which was my favourite shade! Since the first day of February, I've been ducking into Myer every second day to see if they had any stock. I was always disappointed - they either had the Mia in plain white or no Mias at all.

Anywaaaay... when I approached the shelves this afternoon, prepared to face disappointment yet again, I gasped when I thought I saw a tinge of pink on one of the boxes. There was only one Mia on the shelf, and it was pink. OMG freakin' finally! I later learned that the staff had just unboxed this baby not long before I picked it up.

Oh my sweet pink Mia, it's so nice to finally be able to bring you home...
Pink Mia you are finally mine

While doing a few loads of laundry later in the evening, I laughed when I saw a face that's been staring straight at me for years.
Shocked dryer

I've spent this weekend diligently cleaning my brother's room, and I've been quite pleased with my progress so far. I have now vacuumed every inch of carpet in the room and wiped down all surfaces. As I switched the lights in the room back on to pop a freshly laundered bed skirting onto the bed base, I was startled when I noticed a furry white blob had dominated it. Snowflake you retard, you make me laugh.
Bed hogging kitty

Yeah, it's been a great day.


  1. Sammie are you prepared for you life to be changed? :P

    Snowflake was just giving the bed a once over to make sure you had cleaned it properly of course!

    1. I've been prepared for months!!

      Haha you're right, but does she have to keep checking over and over again?!

  2. Snowflake has her reasons Sammie! :P


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