Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 49 - Cute things and boys that clean

A couple of things put a smile on my face today:

  1. I love randomly stumbling upon cute, funny things, such as a card with a llama wearing a stripy scarf which was knitted by bunnies...
  2. Llama card
    ...and this "I love you just the way I am" tea towel, which features a fat cat which resembles Snowflake.
    Fat cat tea towel

    (And here's a photo of Snowflake that I think looks like the fat cat)
    Fat kitty

  3. When I came home, to my shock and horror I found my housemate, Michael... wait for it.... cleaning and scrubbing down the kitchen. Oh my God. I am unable to put into words how gloriously happy it makes me to see a boy cleaning. Little did I know, he had already helped me reorganise all the contents in the kitchen cupboards, cleared out all the expired goods, and sanitised and wiped down all the greasy cupboard doors. I think I've hit the jackpot! 


  1. lol that fat cat card is hilarious! Where do you find this stuff? :P

    1. That's a tea towel Jon! You can find LOTS of cool stuff if you look hard enough :)

  2. Rare find...i know one here :P

    1. Dying breed! We spent the day scrubbing down and tidying up the living room, it was so lovely!

  3. You have a housemate named Michael?? - M


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