Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 52 - Death Cab for Cutie!

Dear Death Cab for Cutie,

I'm in awe.

You guys are such solid performers. Clearly meticulous and perfectionistic, you manage to create such poignant yet clean, "full" sounding music live. Tonight's show was very impressive - 2 steady hours of back to back tunes, including 4 encore songs, and Ben even put on a solo drum show for us - what a treat!

Thank you for creating such heartbreakingly beautiful music. A lot of your songs have been featured in the soundtrack of my life, for which I am grateful.

Thank you for the incredible performance that will remain imbedded in my memory until I see you again.

Death Cab for Cutie, 22 Feb 2012

  1. No Joy in Mudville
  2. I Will Possess Your Heart
  3. Crooked Teeth
  4. Why You'd Want to Live Here
  5. Photobooth
  6. Doors Unlocked and Open
  7. Long Division
  8. Grapevine Fires
  9. Codes and Keys
  10. What Sarah Said
  11. I Will Follow You into the Dark
  12. Hindsight
  13. You Are a Tourist
  14. The New Year
  15. Little Bribes
  16. Soul Meets Body
  17. Cath...
  18. We Looked Like Giants
  19. Marching Bands of Manhattan (with Ben's awesome solo drum performance, and Chris and Nick swapping instruments!)

  20. Encore:
  21. Home Is a Fire
  22. Title and Registration
  23. A Movie Script Ending
  24. Transatlanticism


  1. That drum solo was just cool, especially with the guitarist and bassist swapping instruments half way through and then swapping back near the end of the song!

    Gotta love that ridiculously awesome intro to I Will Possess Your Heart though :D.

    1. It's almost like Chris and Nick got bored and came up with some tricks!

      I can't believe they play the full album length every time...

  2. Thats what makes it so cool though! :)


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