Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 53 - Death Cab for Cutie, again!

Ok, I wasn't expecting to see Death Cab again SO soon, but after last night's epic performance I thought, why the hell not?! 

So with my crazy partner-in-crime Jon in tow, we got tickets to see them again tonight!
2 nights of Death Cab, yay!

Turns out it was THE. BEST. DECISION. EVER. It was an almost completely different setlist, and they opened the show with 'A Lack of Colour'. Oh my gosh. Words fail me. This song puts meteoroid-sized lumps in my throat. And I mean that in a good way.

The lines 'I'm reaching for the phone to call at 7:03, and on your machine I slur a plea for you to come home. But I know it's too late, I should have given you a reason to stay' and the change in the tune never fail to cause my eyes to involuntarily swell up with tears. Just beautiful.
Death Cab for Cutie, 23 Feb 2012

The band delivered the next 23 songs for the night seamlessly.
Death Cab for Cutie, 23 Feb 2012

The high energy, album-length 9 minute long 'I Will Possess Your Heart' with its complete 4.5 minute long intro had the crowd going wild with excitement.
Death Cab for Cutie, 23 Feb 2012

I loved how the whole room sang along with Ben word for word when he lovingly crooned 'I Will Follow You Into the Dark'. Surely there can't be a more beautiful suicidal song than this!
Death Cab for Cutie, 23 Feb 2012

Death Cab for Cutie, 23 Feb 2012

It was such a finely tuned performance!
Death Cab for Cutie, 23 Feb 2012

They faithfully ended the night with an epic, brutal and haunting rendition of 'Transatlanticism', which is quite possibly my favourite song. Ever. I especially loved how the room fell silent as Ben began on the piano keys leading into the song, and everyone seemed to hang onto every crisp word that flowed out of his mouth. It was simply melodic art in motion.

Here's Ben coaxing the crowd to "come ooooooonnn":
Death Cab for Cutie, 23 Feb 2012

Thank you for another awesome night, Death Cab. See you again soon!
Bye bye Death Cab for Cutie, 23 Feb 2012

  1. A Lack of Colour
  2. Doors Unlocked and Open
  3. Crooked Teeth
  4. We Laugh Indoors
  5. Long Division
  6. Grapevine Fires
  7. Codes and Keys
  8. Different Names for the Same Thing
  9. I Will Follow You into the Dark
  10. I Will Possesses Your Heart
  11. Title Track
  12. You Are a Tourist
  13. The New Year
  14. Company Calls
  15. Company Calls Epilogue
  16. Brothers on a Hotel Bed
  17. A Movie Script Ending
  18. Soul Meets Body
  19. Cath...
  20. The Sound of Settling

  21. Underneath the Sycamore
  22. Blacking Out the Friction / St. Peter's Cathedral
  23. Tiny Vessels
  24. Transatlanticism



    How phenomenal was 'Transatlanticism' to close out the set Sammie? Such an awesome song.

    PS: you updated it! :D

    1. Absolutely phenomenal. So haunting, it lingers in your system for a while!

      I sure did, after you held me at gunpoint!

  2. You should know by now that I can be very persistent when I want to be Sammie :P.


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