Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 58 - Lomo Redscale love and cute bear shaped buns

Today, I got a roll of redscale film developed. The super-saturated bursts of red, orange and yellow make my eyes hurt!

Shooting with film really appeals to me (and always amuses me) for a number of reasons - its so nostalgic, I love that you have to wind your film with every frame and then manually wind up the roll at the end of it; I love the mystery of not knowing whether the shot will come out well; I love all the technique and non-technique that go into photographing with film; I love the graininess and lo-fi, retro feel the photos give; I love the unpredictability; but most of all, I love how I spend so long finishing up a roll of film that by the time I finally do and develop it, I come across and relive all these moments and memories I had captured months ago and had forgotten about.

Like Snowflake gazing out into the big, bad world in wonder...
Peering out into the big wide world having lunch at The Pour Kids on a lazy afternoon, where they have dishes with comical and adorable names like "Google this", "Duck for cover", "The Lego", and "Piggy in the middle"...

Sunny afternoon basking in the sun on the beach in Torquay...
Torquay Beach marvelling at the sun reaching into every nook and cranny in Melbourne from the 76th floor.
Sunset over Melbourne


On another note, I stumbled upon something incredibly cute....

Bear shaped buns! They're sooo adorable, I can feel my innards combusting just by looking at them!

Source: Enjoy Living Sustainably


  1. The redscale photo of Snowflake is pretty cool Sammie! :)

    lol bear shaped buns....

    1. Yeah it's pretty nice, great vignetting!

      How ridiculously cute are the bear buns!?


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