Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 57 - Sugar high Sunday and Why I Can't Help but Love Snowflake Reason #192

I spent most of today being on a sugar high.

I happily devoured some honey joys (which I absolutely adore! Come on, who doesn't like honey-drenched, kinda crunchy kinda ooey-gooey cornflakes?!) and chocky crackles...
Honey joys and chocky crackle

Nom nom nom

Then munched my way through my Burch and Purchese haul from yesterday.
Burch and Purchese haul
I was bouncing off the walls like a hyperactive chihuahua!

And now, let me share with you Why I Can't Help but Love Snowflake Reason #192:

She accompanies me while I wash the dishes.
Dishwashing kitty


  1. Mmmmm chocolate crackles....haven't had them in ages!

    lol Snowflake lounging around while you slave away at the dishes :D.

    1. Me neither! :D

      Haha yeah.. I so want to be reincarnated as a household cat with a loving owner

  2. I'm pretty sure you've already been a cat in another life Sammie ;).


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