Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 68 - Bon Iver!

It's hard to sum up an incredible performance in just one line, but I will try. Bon Iver's show at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl tonight was surreal, seizure-inducing with impressive projections and strobe lights, captivating, soul-wrenching, and meticulously executed, all tied together in an ethereal setting.

It was consuming, it was beautiful. It was also mind-blowing to watch Justin Vernon seemingly have all 12,000 of us in awed silence during his magnetic solo performance of Re:Stacks.

Bon Iver at Sidney Myer Music Bowl

It started drizzling at the start of the performance and our seats just happened to poke out under the Bowl. Frankly, having whispers of rain fall on your head while being entranced with the incredible performance unfolding in front of you, is pretty damn magical.

I enjoyed Justin's humble honesty and witty banter, especially his metaphor of comparing life to a tube of toothpaste, "You start off all full and... full of.. jelly... when you get to the middle you're not quite sure, and sometimes you're all crumpled up with shit leaking out the sides."

Bon Iver at Sidney Myer Music Bowl

  1. Perth
  2. Minnesota, WI
  3. Brackett, WI
  4. Hinnom, TX
  5. Wash.
  6. Flume
  7. Towers
  8. Blood Bank
  9. Holocene
  10. Creature Fear
  11. Calgary
  12. Lisbon, OH
  13. Beth/Rest
  14. Michicant
  15. Re:Stacks
  16. For Emma

  17. "Encore" (Justin Vernon skipped the whole encore theatrics with, "This is the part where we leave and come back for the encore. Wow, thanks so much for the encore guys" and jumped straight into Skinny Love):
  18. Skinny Love
  19. The Wolves (Act I and II)


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