Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 71 - Appreciating each day on the anniversary of Japan's earthquake and tsunami

It's been 1 year since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I remember the shock and sorrow I felt as I watched the news in disbelief. I had been in Tokyo about 9 months before it happened, but the warmth of the people and hospitality of the country was still fresh in my mind. It was a devastating disaster.

It shouldn't be this way, but unfortunately it's how human nature works - we take things for granted. We take waking up in the morning for granted. We take being able to live through tomorrow for granted. We take our family and friends for granted, assuming they're always going to be around.

A while ago I vowed to embrace and choose happiness, and really, truly, appreciate every moment. Every day is a gift. Count your blessings.  

Today, as I had the best tasting pancakes I have ever had (thank you for the recommendation Li Jun) at Ora Cafe, I made sure I really savoured and appreciated every bite. 
Pancake with strawberries, almonds and milk ice

And as I had that especially fatty and crisp but not overly crispy like a chip bit of bacon right there on the edge, I listened to my singing tastebuds, and felt incredibly privileged to be able to eat food like this regularly (in both ways - to be able to afford and pay for it, and afford to eat it due to my high metabolism), and incredibly lucky that Bretty always shares (what I think is) the best part of his bacon with me.
Delectable piece of bacon

I am truly blessed.


  1. Glad you enjoyed 'em pancakes! Best ones I've had in Melb (ok, maybe ever..). Andrew and I went on Sunday too! Must have missed you guys Xp We should go together next time ^^

    1. They were seriously the BEST pancakes I've ever had, loved the crisp sides and it's sooo light and fluffy! Oh how funny that we were all there but at different times! We were there around 2:15pm. We should definitely go together next time, we can go to Beatrix too :D


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