Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 72 - Unraveling the mysterious Bermuda Triangle and mini pincushions

I've mentioned the Bermuda Triangle outside our apartment several times here before. It's a thing of great intrigue and bewilderment, but I think I may have unravelled some of its mystery today.

We put a lot of junk into the Bermuda Triangle. We really don't skimp on the junk. Today I put out a chair, a radio, folders, a dirty old weighing scale, tacky plastic flowers, some cups and a tray. I went back upstairs to get more junk and when I returned merely minutes later, the tacky plastic flowers were gone! Vanished, just like that! I chuckled madly to myself at the sheer power of the Bermuda Triangle. It was only after I had unloaded more junk into the pile and was making my way upstairs, when I noticed that the plastic flowers had moved inside the entrance area of the apartment. Oh my.

About an hour later I heard loud chatter from the road, and minutes later I spotted my neighbours carrying bundles of - my junk - in their arms, with smug looks on their faces.

Oh my God. For years we've wondered who takes our junk and where the junk disappear off to, and I had just found out that some of that junk ends up in my neighbours'! Hilarious!!

In other news, isn't this the cutest pincushion you have ever seen?!?! A fried egg on a small frying pan pincushion aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I can't take it I'm going to explode

Source: Satelliter's Etsy Store


  1. Your neighbours are taking your stuff!? That's hilarious! lol

    1. Super hilarious, maybe they have a massive collection of my cups!


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