Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 73 - Meerkat Snowflake, another birthday dinner and a face

Three, oh, it's the magic number:

  1. Snowflake looking like a stunned mullet meerkat after my iMac emitted a sharp beep with a software update. Is it wrong for me to derive so much enjoyment from my cat looking funny/silly??
  2. Stunned meerkat kitty

  3. I love how a month later, I'm STILL having birthday dinners and receiving birthday presents! This time it was Korean BBQ with Jon, who also got me a shoe mug and a novel "Unicorn being a Jerk" book to illustrate his point that horses are evil. 
  4. More pressies

  5. Spotted a face on the doughnut truck!


  1. Its only wrong if you don't dress her up as a pirate and take pictures Sammie!

    I think I dreamt about that doughnut truck last night lol.

    1. Ha where to find a pirate outfit for a cat...

      Lol. Drama queen!


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