Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 85 - Mushrooms, Sweet Crumble and living through travel stories

With the past and the present and the future; and faith and hope and charity; and the heart and the brain and the body; it'll give you three; it's a magic number:
  1. Mushrooms. Lots of buttery, sautéed mushrooms. Truly the food of the Gods.
  2. Mushies on toast

  3. Popped into Sweet Crumble after brunch to check the place out and to pick up some sweet treats. What a gorgeous space! The decor had a very Provencal French charm to it. 
  4. Sweet Crumble
    There was an enormous selection of flavoured macarons to choose from (this was just 1/3 of it)... A myriad of macarons
    But I was instantly drawn towards salted caramel and caramel popcorn (which was delish!)... Salted caramel macarons and caramel popcorn macarons
    I was beside myself when I spotted the home-made mango and vanilla flavoured marshmallows... Marshmallows!
    And there were cupcakes too! Here's my salted caramel cupcake... Salted caramel cupcake

  5. Caught up with Wang Wei and Brooke tonight at the very hip Kumo Izakaya, and got to live vicariously through them as they shared their travel stories - I imagined myself sitting in that cool bar in Bosnia that was filled from floor to ceiling with random trinkets and bits and bobs with a goldfish sitting in the middle of the bowl amongst all the crap, and its female bathroom which had a dresser displaying every perfume under the sun for you to have a spritz; I pictured the azure and stunningly blue waters of the Plitvice lakes in Croatia; and I could almost feel the hospitality they received in Turkey from the student who physically showed them to the correct bus, the bus driver who drove them to their destination even though it wasn't part of his usual route, and the passengers on the bus who helped them converse with the taxi driver. I'd love to get myself to Europe one day, but for now I'll live through their stories.

  6. With great sadness, I returned Wang Wei his Audrey Kawasaki print which he left with me to look after while he was globe trotting. Ironically, this print is titled 'Letting Go', which was difficult for me to do as I absolutely love it!

    Snowflake also said her goodbyes, and even she looked like she was having a hard time letting go! Snowflake saying goodbye to Audrey Kawasaki


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